Real-Time Events

These are events/notifications that are subscribed to using the websockets api.

The mobile/web app may subscribe to event notifications such as location:updated, compass:updated, etc., and update the UI with the corresponding data object received.

Some of these events will show up under the trip summary. The user may choose to display some of these independently of the trip information. For example mil:on, mil:off, upgrade:avail, etc. speeding, hard_accel, etc., which are driving behaviour notifications are usually part of trip summary but can be independently subscribed.

Event Function
trip:start Trip start
trip:end Trip end
ignition:on Ignition on
ignition:off Ignition off
mil:on Malfunction Indicator Lamp on (DTC set)
mil:off Malfunction Indicator Lamp off (DTC reset)
location:updated GPS location update
compass:updated Compass (direction) update
average_kmpl Fuel efficiency
speeding Speeding alert (speed >= 110 kmph)
high_speed Speeding alert (speed >= 15 kmph + speed limit)
hard_brake Hard braking alert
hard_accel Hard acceleration alert
hard_corner Hard cornering alert
low_traction Car is slipping/sliding (e.g. on snow/ice)
high_temp The device temperature is too high
towing Car is being towed away while parked
disturbance Car is struck by another while parked
collision:minor Car is involved in a minor collision while driving
collision:major Car is involved in a major collision while driving
battery_low Car battery voltage low alert
fuel_low Fuel is running low alert
lease_mileage Leased car mileage alert
servicing_time Time to take the car regular service
upgrade:avail Firmware upgrade available
upgrade:start Firmware upgrade started
upgrade:end Firmware upgrade successful
upgrade:fail Firmware upgrade failed