Device Commands

We may need to send some commands to the device from time to time to retrieve some information.

Command Function
cmd:model return the device model number (future proofing)
cmd:serial return the unique device serial number
cmd:device_status device healthcheck results
cmd:firmware_ver return the current firmware version
cmd:update_firmware init process to start firmware update
cmd:vin return the vehicle VIN
cmd:pid_support return the list of supported PIDs
cmd:monitor_pids PID list to monitor (enable/disable)
cmd:pid_period periodic update (sampling) settings for a single PID
cmd:pid_threshold setup threshold triggered updates for a single PID
cmd:vehicle_status ignition on/off, some other status information
cmd:redetect_vehicle force a reconfiguration to update vehicle data (e.g. if device is installed in a new car)
cmd:vechile_info OBD protocol used and DTCs set if any
cmd:reset reset/restart the device